Who Am I?
If you are curious about the Knit & Crochet Tiger than I will tell you.

My name is Jason Bourque. I was born in the New Orleans area in 1974. (47 years). My father was Cajun and my mother is Italian and Irish.

My interests include science-fiction, fantasy, comedy, super hero shows and movies. My favorite super hero of all time is The Doctor from the British Science-fiction show Doctor Who. Now I do love Batman, Superman, Wonderwoman, Flash, Captain America, Iron man, The Scarlet Witch, Vision, Thor, The Hulk, The Fantastic Four....and the list goes on. I love everything Star Wars and Star Trek. I also liked Babylon 5 and both Battlestar Galatica (1978) and (2004). I love Stargate and Alien and Predator.

I started crocheting at the age of 26. My mother brought home a book that someone gave her on how to crochet. I don't remember what book it was. I have been crocheting for 21 years. In April of 2015 I decided to give knitting a try. I searched for how to knit tutorials on youtube. I found some really great channels there...Arne & Carlos, Knitting with Susane Bryan, Watch Barbara Knit, Roxanne Richards, Nimble Needles, Stephen West, Very Pink Knits and more. I also watch crocheters like TL Yarn Crafts, Little John's Yarn, Crochet and Knit with Freida Erbasar, Tinna Thorudottir Thorvaldar and more. I also watch Podcast like Sweet Tea, No Shade...the Bearded Purl, and Drowning in Yarn.

I can knit textured lace, fairisle/intarsia, cables, mosiac. My favorite is fairsle/intarsia. I love to knit shawls, hats, scarves and gloves.

I have crocheted scarves, sweaters, blankets, hats and hoodies. I have dabbled a bit in Mosaic and Tunisian crochet. I also like Amigurumi.